Why Travel With Us

Explore With Spike is committed to inspiring life-changing travel experiences. The pace of every tour is carefully planned and locations have been well researched and scouted by our tour leaders. We know the hidden places, the best local guides, and the rhythm of life as the day progresses. It’s about slowing down and connecting. Our guides keep the trip fun and casual while making sure you experience a memorable adventure.

Some of our upcoming tours have a relaxed itinerary while others are built for those with a real sense of adventure. A few trips are specifically designed for photography. We offer expert-led experiences with other curious travelers. Take note of the small group size listed on each adventure: We want to spend less time wrangling large groups and more time shooting with one-on-one instruction and personal attention.

We want to make friends!

Spike's Story

Hi, I’m Spike. I love to share my passion for photography, travel and adventure.
Taking pictures: my hobby since I was young. I got my hands on my first SLR camera in 1992. My love for creating art has only been amplified by the playground of endless subjects and creative possibilities. I’ve traveled the world, chasing the perfect location to photograph. It’s as much about the experience as it is about the photography. When you breathe the same air, eat the same foods and live the same culture, your photos become a destination too. That’s how the best photographs are created!
But more importantly, I love sharing my experiences and travel knowledge with others. I have an insatiable need to meet new people. The world has become very secular. We’re losing that sense of community. People stare at their phones while eating alone. Yet at the same time, they’re scrolling on Instagram and making this mental bucket list of all the places they hope to go one day.
My goal is to make that “one day” today. I’ll take you there. NOW is the time for that dream destination. And I do all the planning, I make it easy and affordable and NOW. Ready to make new friends and take the trip of a lifetime?


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