Garage Sale!


I’m trying to clear out my garage and basement of old prints. Finally had a day off to put this list together. Below, you will find 15 photograph prints I’ve taken over the past 20 years. They were on display in various art galleries and exhibits but now I need to get rid of them. Due to storage and public display, these are dirty, dusty and SOLD AS IS. (These are not new photo prints.) That’s why some pieces are marked as low as $15. These photos are ready to hang. You may want to take my print out and put it in a new frame. Or you can even buy one, throw out my photo and use the frame for something else!

Important note about delivery: THERE IS NO SHIPPING. To keep it simple and low-cost, I will notify you of several options to pick-up your print from me. I’ll offer a few dates and locations in various parts of Metro Detroit to make it as convenient as possible. (I’m not offering shipping because it would cost triple what you are actually paying for these large glass frames to be shipped.)

HOW TO ORDER: When you see an item you want, email me the item number and if it’s still available, I will send you further instructions for purchase. (Venmo and PayPal accepted.) Email:

If you would like to order any of my photography prints in any size UNFRAMED Click Here.

Item 03 “Caught One” $55 (above) signed photo in 21″x31″ black frame. Almost invisible half-inch scratch in corner of print and small scratch on one side of frame.

Item 05 “Tiger” $35 (above) in 13″x16″ glass frame, no damage

Item 10 “Nausea” $35 (above) signed in 18″x22″ glass frame, considerable scratches on frame

Item 12 “Summer Swing” $35 (above) signed in 18″x22″ glass frame, small scratches on frame

Item 13 “Polar Bear” $35 (above) signed in 15″x19″ signed in glass frame, scratches on frame

Item 14 “Old Tiger Stadium Seats” (above) SOLD but you can order prints of any photo on this page and have it shipped to your house… go HERE!

Item 15 “Seasons” $35 (above) signed in 21″x27″ heavy glass frame, tiny scratches on frame

Item 17 “Detroit” (above) SOLD but you can ship this print to your house.

Item 18 “Chelios” $40 (above) signed in 13″x17″ glass frame, just a little dusty, no damage

Item 19 “Deer” $30 (above) signed in 8″x10.5″ glass frame, no damage

Item 21 “Obama” $40 (above) signed in 13″x17″ glass frame, no damage, just a little dusty

Item 23 “Deer” $45 (above) signed in 17″x21″ heavy glass frame, no damage

Item 25 “Frederick Douglass Reincarnated” $15 (above) signed in 8″x10″ frame, no damage

Item 28 “Guitarist” $25 (above) signed photo on 12″x18″ black foam core, no damage

Item 29 “Feeding Time” $30 (above) photo in 17″x21″ glass frame, small scratches on frame

Item 33 “Pictured Rocks” Triptych (above) SOLD but you can have a single print of this photo shipped to your house.