Can you afford to chase your bucket list?

The first question I get about my travel is usually “how do you afford it?” Can I be honest? People only THINK travel is out of their price range. If you want to travel, you’ll find a way to pay for it. You may have something important to you that you spend money on because it’s your passion: a boat, Lions season tickets, a cottage up north, having the latest iPhone… for me, travel is my priority so I budget for it. And I spend way less on travel than people spend on those things I just mentioned. With a little planning, my two week African safari costs less than a weekend in Disney World for most families.
The real problem we encounter when trying to save up for travel is we focus on how much we are saving instead of how much we are spending!  If you took an honest inventory of what you’re buying each week, you’d be surprised.  It’s about balancing your life and your finances so that you always have the money you need to do the things that you want.  It takes a little planning but you can decide to drink less $5 lattes so that you can ski in the Canadian Rockies. Or you’re going to control your trips to Target so you can go to Thailand. It adds up!  And that’s why I plan my trips two years in advance: it keeps me focused on a budget and a goal. It’s easier to say “no” to a night of drinking craft beer if I realize that same $60 is going to a whale-watching excursion in Greenland.
The idea of “saving” is hard.  Making calculated decisions with your “spending” is easier.  
But the biggest secret? Knowing the right people to talk to about planning a vacation. A well-seasoned traveler knows the best time of year to go, the best hotels for deals and the best way to get the most bang for your tourism buck.  That’s me!  My last trip to Iceland cost less than my last trip to Traverse City.  People only THINK travel is out of their reach. I plan my adventures using local connections, industry secrets and, of course, generous group rates that knock the cost down considerably so you can finally cross that location off your bucket list!

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  1. Carrie

    Hi Spike, I just wanted to say this looks like the best job ever and I just want to say your awesome!! 🙂 any plans to go to Alaska??

    I’ll keep checking on your tours – I bet you are great tour guide! Much luck to you! Michigan listener!

    1. Spike

      Thank you… YOU are awesome! Alaska is in the works, probably in 2025. I have two trusted guides who do Alaska trips all of the time (and would assist in my trips) but I’ve never been there so I like to go scout a location first before planning it for my travelers 🙂

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